Networking session

As in previous years, the ITFA will organize a Networking session during their annual conference in Edinburgh. When you register to attend the conference you will receive an invitation to participate in the networking session on Thursday 7th September.

  • The invitation to the networking portal will be sent to you after you register for the conference

Please find below some important information to help you register for your session:

  1. Follow the link to the portal in the invitation (you will receive it after you have registered for the conference)
  2. The first time you visit the networking portal you need to request a personal password
  3. On your first login you should update your profile, with some brief information and picture, and mark your availability during the networking session (Functions->Profile->Edit)
  4. Find and invite other delegates to meet with you (Functions->Find & Invite). Search on name and keywords from the information to find meeting candidates. Click “Show profile” to view the information and picture, click the “Invite” button to send a personalised message and suggest a slot to meet.
  5. Receive and accept or reject invitations (Functions->Invitations). If you have more than one pending invitation for a slot they are automatically rejected when you accept an invitation.


The ITFA 2017 Networking portal